Curriculum Map

At Badgerbrook we follow the Read, Write Inc approach to teach writing, reading and phonics in the Foundation Stage and Year 1. Our approach is systematic, consistent and rigorous in order that all children become readers as quickly as possible.

Following this approach pupils are taught in ability groups thus enabling them to be taught according to their reading level not their age. Teaching is very precise and tailored to the needs of each child irrespective of year group.

If there is a need, pupils will be given extra support to help them improve reading skills and make progress. Support will also be provided for older pupils who may be experiencing difficulty in reading/writing because they have missed or misunderstood a crucial phase of systematic phonics teaching. We use the same phonics programme across the school ensuring continuity and a vehicle for guaranteed progression.


We use a combination of guided group and whole class reading sessions at Badgerbrook.

DERIC (Decode, Explain, Retrieve, Interpret, Choice) sessions take place from Year 2 to Year 6, where pupils focus on the different skills through a variety of texts and media. They allow all pupils to access high-quality texts and answers.


As a school, we use Headstart Spelling as the basis for our lessons. We use a wide range of approaches to teach spelling including games, activities and spelling in context at the end of each unit.

Please see each year groups’ homework guide for details of when spelling homework will be set.

Modern Foreign Languages
French is taught as our Modern Foreign Language in Key Stage 2.
Areas covered include:

  • Using nouns, adjectives, verbs
  • Singing French songs
  • Dates and birthdays
  • Numbers to 100
  • Telling the Time
  • Use of everyday words/language
  • Basic conversational French
  • Broadening vocabulary

Computing is taught throughout the school and the areas covered are shown in this document.

Curriculum Plan 
Click here to download the school curriculum plan