All schools are obliged to keep attendance registers as a legal requirement. The day is divided into two sessions, morning and afternoon, so children receive two attendance marks per day. Attendance statistics are published in the child’s annual written report. Attendance is generally very good at this school and children who manage 100% attendance receive awards in our Celebration Assemblies and a special mention in our newsletter.


If your child is absent through illness, please telephone the school on the first day of absence. The telephone system has an option for recording absence details. Where we know a child is absent through illness or for a medical appointment the absence is recorded in the Attendance Register as an authorised absence. In order to ensure the safety of all of our children, the school will check with parents on the first day of an unexpected absence if no notification has been received.

Leave of absence

The School and its staff regard the regular attendance of children at school as being vital to each child’s education and development. It is for this reason that non attendances (however short or infrequent) are treated seriously. It remains the policy of the school to only sanction non-attendance during term time in exceptional circumstances.

If your child has unauthorised leave of absence you may be issued with a Penalty Notice of £120 per parent per child (discounted to £60 if paid within 21 days), or, your case could be referred by the Local Authority directly to the Magistrates’ Court for the purpose of a criminal prosecution.

Authorised absences may be granted for medical or dentist appointments or educational reasons where permission has been sought in advance.

Parents should submit all leave of absence requests (including those for exceptional circumstances i.e. funerals, weddings etc) in writing, to the Headteacher, in advance.