This school takes safeguarding extremely seriously and procedures are in place should there be concerns regarding children, staff or volunteers.

Children have the right to receive the highest possible standards of care and to be protected from abuse. Staff here are trained in safeguarding procedures and the Headteacher is the Designated Lead for Safeguarding.


Parents need to know that their children are safe, happy and well cared for and that they are achieving their full potential. In order to provide this environment, we ensure that all children are aware of our school rules and understand them.

Children are expected to behave well and to show respect for others by:

– speaking politely to adults and to one another.

respecting other people’s property and space.
taking proper care of books and other equipment provided by the school.
avoiding any act of unkindness, fighting, name calling or bullying.
tidying their own work space and helping to keep the classroom and cloakroom tidy.
keeping the school and its grounds free from litter.
At the beginning of the school year, the children are reminded about our school rules and the reasons for having them. They also make some rules for their class in consultation with the teacher and these are displayed on the walls.

We believe in positive behaviour management. Children are praised for following the rules and rewarded verbally and with stickers, stars and/or other rewards appropriate for their age group. Whilst most children behave well, there are occasions when we need sanctions. These may include short periods of ‘time out’ or withdrawal from an activity or playtime. Children are given the opportunity to reflect on their behaviour and discuss why it was unacceptable.

At lunch times our Midday Manager organises the work of the dining supervisors and deals with any minor behaviour issues through our positive behaviour system. Most children behave very well. However, if a child deliberately hurts someone or uses inappropriate language it will be reported to the Midday Manager who will deal with it.

Anti-bullying Policy

Any form of bullying is not tolerated, whether verbal or physical. Children are introduced to our anti-bullying policy as soon as they arrive in school and clear messages are given throughout the year during personal, social and health education lessons and assemblies. Children are encouraged to tell an adult immediately if another child hurts or upsets them in any way and incidents are dealt with in line with our behaviour policy. Posters around the school remind the children that bullying is not a single act but ‘Several Times On Purpose.’ Incidents of bullying are rare at this school but are taken very seriously and always dealt with by senior staff.

We have clear behaviour and anti-bullying policies. Copies of these and other policies are available on the school web site. If you have difficulty accessing them, please call at the office.
Security of the building

In the interests of security, we do all we can to restrict access for any visitors to the main entrance near the School Office. Throughout the day, all visitors, including parents, are asked to use this method of entry before going to a classroom. Visitors are asked to sign in and are given an identification badge.

Once the school session starts, the outer doors are locked. The securi-locks (one-way locks) we use ensure that no-one can enter the building unannounced.

Children leaving or entering the premises during the day

If you need to collect your child for an appointment during the day, please inform your child’s class teacher and the office in advance. All children collected or returned during the day (including the lunch hour) need to enter or exit via the main entrance.

Please give us prior notice of someone not known to us coming to collect a child. The child will not be allowed to go until we obtain confirmation from you.

Photographs of children taken at school events

Parents and relatives of pupils should note that any photographs or video film they take at school events are likely to contain images of other children whose parents may not have given permission for them to be filmed or photographed. Such images should not be circulated more widely than the family, i.e. they should just be for the family’s use. Our advice is that any manipulation or distribution of images of children could result in prosecution.


Children in Year 3 have swimming lessons at Enderby Leisure Centre as part of their P.E. curriculum. Swimming is part of the National Curriculum and all children are expected to be able to swim at least 25 metres by the time they leave the Primary School at the end of Year 6. The staff accompanying the children have received training in coaching and resuscitation. We also employ additional instructors from the Leisure Centre. Life Guards are always in attendance.

Whenever the children go on an outing and leave the campus accompanied by a teacher, they are insured. Some parents arrange further cover through the Personal Accident Insurance Scheme operated by the local authority. Details of this can be obtained from the School Office. Many other insurance companies offer personal accident cover for pupils 24 hours per day.

Local traffic

At the beginning and the end of the school session, traffic conditions here are very crowded. Parents and staff are asked to observe the voluntary code of parking on only one side of Badger Drive, the side furthest from the school. This allows large vehicles, like the Swimming bus, to stop and let children get off. It also allows emergency vehicles to access the rest of the residential estate. Please do not park across the driveways of neighbouring houses whilst waiting for your child. If you have a disability permit and need to access the school building please let us know as we have two designated spaces for disabled visitors near the main entrance.

All pedestrians should use the small gates to enter and exit the school grounds.

We appreciate your co-operation in ensuring the safety of all children.

Volunteers in School

At Badgerbrook we really appreciate the involvement of parents and other volunteers in school and you can be assured of a very warm welcome. Whether you can offer half an hour a week or a whole morning or afternoon, there are many ways in which you can help – listening to readers, helping with art and craft or playing short games etc.. Badgerbrook Governors have decided that everyone working with children is subject to a satisfactory Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) enhanced check. Please make an appointment with the Office to complete the application online. The Office staff will inform you of the necessary identification documentation you need to bring with you.


We ask that children do not wear jewellery in school for health and safety reasons.

However, children may wear watches and those with pierced ears may wear close-fitting sleepers or stud-type earrings whilst in school. It is advisable not to wear these on P.E. or swimming days as they must be removed for these lessons.

If you have your child’s ears pierced, it would be helpful if this took place during the summer holidays as it is usually recommended that the earrings should not be removed for a few weeks.