Maths at Badgerbrook



Our school Maths has been undergoing some changes over recent years. All of our staff are being trained in Mastery approaches to Mathematics and we are working with other schools to develop your children’s understanding of mathematics.

As a result, the ways in which we teach basic calculations has been changed to fit with the demands of this new approach.  This involves: a heavy focus on practical resources for developing understanding [this is labelled Concrete learning]; a way of recording aspects of the maths pictorially to demonstrate knowledge, leading to the use of the abstract to record mathematics.  Additionally topics are now taught to include variation to help construct understanding and deepen both conceptual and procedural fluency in children.

The progression for calculation is available from our website for you to access in order to help your child if you are unsure about the methods used in the school. We hope this will support you in understanding how basic mathematical operations are taught, and we would like to thank every parent/guardian/carer who supports their child’s learning. We find it is especially helpful if your child has a good grasp of mental addition and subtraction of numbers plus a complete grasp of tables and the relationship between the multiplication tables and division. Being fluent in these areas will positively influence your child’s ability to tackle deeper, more challenging aspects of the mastery curriculum.  In light of this, we are thrilled to introduce Times Tables Rock Stars as a regular feature in both our school and home maths practice this year.  In addition, regular arithmetic homework will be provided in order to boost confidence within this vital aspect of mathematics and everyday life.

At Badgerbrook we recognise the importance of cross-curricular learning opportunities for children, this year we look forward to hosting a cross-curricular themed maths day, please look out for all the details in the near future.

Miss Whitmore
Mathematics Co-ordinator

Please clink on the links below for our Calculation Policies.

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Please click on the links below for the PowerMaths overview for each year group:

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Badgerbrook Primary School follows the National Curriculum which is available to read on the Government website.