School Information: Admission details and procedures

Visiting the School

Parents who are interested in obtaining a place at Badgerbrook Primary School for their children are encouraged to make an appointment to visit the school. This will provide an opportunity to see the school at work, meet staff and to ask any questions about the school. Children are welcome to accompany parents on these visits.

(Unfortunately visits to the school are not possible during the coronavirus restrictions – please see our New Starter page for a virtual tour)

Admission Arrangements

The arrangements for admission to Badgerbrook Primary School are managed by the Allocations Department of Leicestershire County Council. For full details please visit their website,  contact Allocations Department on 0116 3056684 or email

Parents should apply on-line at the Allocations Department by the published deadline. An application should be submitted whether you live in or out of the Badgerbrook catchment area (see below).

The Allocations Department will issue letters allocating places (in and out of catchment) according to the criteria laid down in the Local Authority policy and the Planned Admission Number for Badgerbrook (see below). Further information can be found on the Leicestershire County Council website. Proof of residence may be required.

The school will then send out registration forms and other information relating to admission to school. Parents will be asked to provide the school with details about their child, including emergency contact numbers, and a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

First-time Admissions to the School

Badgerbrook has a 4+ unit (Foundation Stage). Children whose fifth birthday falls between 1st September and the following 31st August (inclusive) are admitted at the beginning of the Autumn Term following their 4th birthday ie there is only one intake for the whole year.

Children are admitted to the 4+ classes on a full-time basis but there is a short induction period on a part-time basis. During the term prior to admission, children will be invited to make visits to the school to meet their teacher and to get to know the building. Parents will be invited to an information evening and the Early Years teachers will liaise with relevant play groups or nurseries.

You can find out more information about starting school in Foundation Stage on our  New Starter page

Mid-Term Starters

Applications for mid-year places are subject to our Planned Admission Number for each year group and should be made via the Allocations Department of Leicestershire County Council.

Catchment Area

The catchment area of the school is a geographical area, its boundaries decided upon by the County Council. Details of the Badgerbrook catchment area are available by following this link.
Applications from out-of-catchment families will be considered by the Local Authority.

Admission Number

This number is set by the Local Authority and applies a limit to each year group. This figure is calculated on the amount of available floor space and other criteria. The Admission Number at Badgerbrook is currently 60.


If your child has been refused a place in the school you have the right to appeal against this decision. Details are available on the County council website: a school place