Changes to badgerbrook catchment area

The catchment area of the school is a geographical area, its boundaries decided upon by the County Council. Links to Primary and Secondary School Catchments and General School Information for Entry from 2022 can be found by following this link:

The catchment area for Badgerbrook changed for admission to school from August 2021:

School Catchment Map: Badgerbrook Primary School (created 15.5.2021)

We have also included the maps used in the consultation on the boundary changes which only show the line of the boundary and not the newly built houses:



If you live in the area affected by these changes or are looking to move into the area please contact the Allocations Department to check if your address is included.  It is best not to rely on the information provided by local estate agents or builders as their information may not be up to date.

Applications from out-of-catchment families will be considered by the Local Authority following the criteria in their admissions policy.

Changes to Badgerbrook catchment area