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Environment Club and Eco-Committee

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After another successful growing season the raised beds have now been prepared for the winter months. We are very grateful to Mrs Stretton, our grandparent helper, for her hard work in all weathers!

We will be looking forward to some new projects this academic year including a wrapper free day and a walk to school week, so check back here for updates soon!

Badgerbrook Environment Club and Eco-Committee

We will be starting a brand new group of Badgerbrook Environment Club pupils who care about our Earth and our beautiful environment. We will meet on Monday or Wednesday lunchtimes with Miss Samuel and Mrs Morrin. Our next campaign will be about waste.

We have recently achieved Eco Status for environmentally friendly schools for the sixth time! A big well done to all of our members who have worked tirelessly to ensure that the rigorous assessment criteria were met. Once again we have been awarded the Eco Schools Green Flag.