We make every effort to ensure that all parents are well informed about their child’s progress and the work of the school:

Text/Email Service to Parents

Most communication with parents will be by text or email. We use a service provided by Teachers2Parents.

Texts can be sent to one parent only, emails will sent to all those registered to receive information in this way. Please let us know if change your phone numbers or email addresses.

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We send home regular Newsletters to keep you up to date. These are usually sent by email and a copy uploaded to the website.

Curriculum Evenings

Many parents feel daunted by new teaching methods and find our curriculum evenings and workshops really helpful for supporting their child at home. In addition to explanations about teaching strategies, parents are given guidance about games and activities to try at home. We also post examples of how to help your child’s learning on our website.

Home/School Diary

We give every child a Home/School Diary. This is mainly a reading diary for books to be read at home. It enables parents to record every time they read with their child. Whilst teachers also listen to individual children reading from their home reading book, they spend more time on other reading activities and texts in school. Teachers try to give children the opportunity to change reading books as soon as possible but it is important that they monitor the child’s progress very carefully before selecting the next book. The children may choose a class library reading book on a regular basis. This is a free choice so sometimes it may be too hard for the child to read and it will be more appropriate to read it together. Please also record this and any other books from home in this diary.

Parents Evenings:

Autumn Term
We hold Parents Evenings for Foundation Stage to Year 6 during October or November each year. Information about the curriculum and homework is provided. We will also discuss the Pupil Profile Record and Pupil Passport where appropriate.

Spring Term Reviews
In the Spring Term we have a further formal Parents Evening. Spring Term Reports are shared with parents/carers at this meeting and this is an opportunity to discuss their child’s progress and targets.

Annual Written Report

Annual, written reports are issued in July, just before the ‘meet your new teacher’ drop in session. The reports will give feedback on effort, attainment and learning behaviours and set targets for the next school year.

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Term dates

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