Diary Dates

Term dates

Leicestershire County Council issue guidelines for schools in the county.  Local variations have been agreed:

Badgerbrook term Dates 2021 – 2022

Leicestershire County Council Term dates 2021/2022

The official day for Leicestershire maintained schools to use as an additional holiday in respect of the Platinum Jubilee has now been agreed as Friday 8 July 2022 (the last teaching day of the academic year for most schools).

2022 – 2027 term dates

School term dates for Leicestershire through to summer 2027 have been set:  Nearly 12,500 people shared their views on this with the County Council during a consultation held during the summer 2021.  The majority (69%) wanted to keep the county’s traditional term-time patterns. This involves preserving Leicestershire’s ‘July Fortnight’, an earlier October half term and a longer autumn term, and this is what was agreed by the Council’s ruling Cabinet when it met in September 2021.

Popular reasons given for keeping these patterns included the opportunity to have less busy, affordable, quality family holidays.

The dates through to summer 2027 are now available here www.leicestershire.gov.uk/popular-now/school-term-dates

Leicester City Council, which ran a consultation at the same time, has also set the same dates.

School diary dates 2021/2022

Out of School Activities (please note that these activities are currently suspended)