English at Badgerbrook


At Badgerbrook we use the Read, Write Inc approach to teach reading, writing, and phonics in Foundation Stage and Year 1.  We combine this with other reading and writing opportunities to suit all pupils.

Following this approach pupils are taught in ability groups, thus enabling them to be taught according to their reading level, not their age.  Teaching is very precise and tailored to the needs of each child irrespective of year group.



If there is a need, pupils will be given extra support to help them improve reading skills and make progress.  Support will also be provided for older pupils who may be experiencing difficulty in reading/writing because they have missed or misunderstood a crucial phase of systematic phonics teaching.


It is our aim for all pupils to want to enjoy and appreciate reading.  Encouraging pupils to read a wide range of books is the message we share across school.

We make sure our library is well-stocked and current, and our Year 6 Librarians take pride in their work promoting our books and the joy of reading. Reading buddies support our younger children and our Badgerbrook Book News keeps children and parents updated about reading at Badgerbrook.

We use a combination of guided group and whole class reading sessions at Badgerbrook.

Reading sessions include ‘DERIC’ skills (Decode, Explain, Retrieve, Interpret, Choose).  Pupils focus on the different skills through a variety of texts and media.  They allow all pupils to access high-quality texts and answers.

Books to Read in …

Follow the links below for some suggestions for books for your child to read at home based on Year groups in school.  We hope you will find the lists useful when you are in a library, browsing in a book shop/charity shop or looking on ebay!  We also have copies of a selection of the books in classrooms.  Most, but not all,  are available from the school library.

100 Books To Read In Year 5 and 6

100 Books To Read In Year 3 and 4

100 Books To Read In Key Stage 1

With grateful thanks to Adam Baron (theteachingbooth)

“Reading is like breathing in; writing is like breathing out.”


As a school, we use Headstart Spelling as the basis for our lessons. We use a wide range of approaches to teach spelling including games, activities and spelling in context at the end of each unit.

Please see each year groups’ homework guide for details of when spelling homework will be set.



The writing process involves modelling and an ‘I do, we do, you do’ approach to support children’s independent work.  Writing opportunities are planned across the curriculum.

Teachers work together to link grammar, punctuation and spelling to the units of writing and Big Pictures each half term.