Equality & SEND

Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)
Badgerbrook Primary School offers a curriculum which reflects the learning needs of all pupils and which mirrors the school’s aim to provide a broad, balanced, creative and challenging curriculum for all pupils. The Special Needs & Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCo) is Mrs V Toon and she can be contacted through the school office 0116 2752353 or office@badgerbrook.leics.sch.uk

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Information about Badgerbrook Primary School

The school is much larger than the average primary school. About 35% of pupils choose to travel to the school from out of the normal catchment area. Most are of White British heritage. The proportion of pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities is average but the number with a statement of special educational need is below average. The proportion of pupils eligible for free school meals is lower than the national average.

Please follow the link for the Badgerbrook Equalities Policy incorporating the school’s Accessibility Plan.

The following information was taken from the School Census in January 2020

Key:    EAL     – English as an additional language
SEND – special educational needs or disability provision
FSM    – eligible for free school meals

The school monitors any racist incidents for reporting to the governing body. No incidents were reported in the 2017-2018 academic year.

A large amount of data is already collected by schools for the Department for Education, which presents performance data for schools broken down by a number of relevant characteristics and which includes comparative analysis with national statistics.

At Badgerbrook the progress of all pupils is tracked and the data is monitored and analysed so that the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Special Needs Coordinator, subject co-ordinators and class teachers can use the information to ensure the appropriate progress is made by all pupils regardless of race, disability, socio-economic background, belief or gender.

Attendance data for all pupils and for particular groups; the extent to which different groups of pupils feel safe (e.g. Incidents log, worry box)  are also monitored and analysed.

The monitoring and analysis of pupil data informs the equality objective-setting process, along with pupil registration and medical needs data, information from parents and responses to parental questionnaires.

Objectives have been chosen to promote equality of opportunity for members of identified groups, eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation, or foster good relations between different groups in terms of ethnicity, belief, socio-economic background, gender and gender identity, disability, sexual orientation and age.

  • To reduce prejudice and increase understanding of equality through direct teaching using SEAL and Emotional Learning resources in PSHE sessions
  • To narrow the gap between boys and girls attainment in writing and maths across both Key Stages (less than 10% difference annually)
  • To promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development with particular reference to issues of equality and diversity by participating in a pilot project across Leicester City and Leicestershire – No Outsiders in Our School – to enhance equality and diversity.

No Outsiders at Badgerbrook

At Badgerbrook we are passionate about our status as a ‘No Outsiders – everyone welcome’ school. We were one of the first schools in Leicestershire to be chosen as part of the pilot project in 2018. Since then we have led the way for other schools in Leicestershire to follow.

Children learn about diversity and the Equalities Act 2010 through lessons, drama, discussion and assemblies. They learn and discuss to counter fear and hate in society. We have a commitment to community cohesion through understanding and acceptance of difference.

Our aim is that our children leave primary school happy and excited about living in a world full of difference and diversity, whether that difference is through ethnicity, gender, ability, age, sexual orientation or religion.

Please watch our video about being a ‘No Outsiders’ school. Ask your children about our ‘No Outsiders’ assemblies and what they have learnt.


Route to Resilience is an exciting whole school project that we have been a part of since 2018. During that time we have integrated R2R throughout our whole school community by developing our character muscles and vocabulary.

Route to Resilience is an evidence-based and practical approach, supporting our school and families in developing the emotional wellbeing and resilience of our pupils. We are supporting our children to develop strong character muscles that prepare them for learning and for life. The aim of the project is to improve mental health outcomes for children and staff.

Badgerbrook gained the Route to Resilience accreditation in 2019 due to our work on character muscles.

Developing character muscles means recognising, understanding and developing character traits that make us unique and using these to allow us to be the best version of ourselves. At the heart of character education is crafting a culture in and out of school, where pupils are given every opportunity to develop and strengthen their sense of self.

Character muscles are introduced into lessons, giving our pupils the opportunities to reflect on which character traits they are using, and recognise how to apply them to their life at both school and at home. You will recognise character muscles around school with the ‘#’ symbol

Badgerbrook character muscles

Please watch our video to learn more.