The committee officers (Co-ordinator, Vice Co-ordinator, Treasurer and Trustees), meet at least every half term, usually at the school, to plan events. Our AGM (Annual General Meeting) is held in the Autumn Term, when the Officers are elected. Everyone is welcome to attend.

We welcome any help you can give – ‘Many hands make light work’. Please let us know if you have any contacts, can receive discounts from which the PTFA could benefit or have any skills you would like to offer.

All PTFA letters are sent home on yellow paper so are easily recognisable. You can contact us via the school office.

Committee Members

Coordinator Lesley Swift
Vice Coordinator Tammy Dale
Treasurer Rakesh Mistry


Reema Chauhan
Suzanne Crewe
Kerry Glover
Alison Hirrell
Natalie Howden
Sandi Partridge
Jocelin Reyes Silveyra
Sally Simmons

If you would like to contact us please leave a note with the School Office or find us on Facebook.