Handbook-Car Parking

Use of the school car park

Please may we remind you that the school car park is only for members of staff and parents or visitors with disabled access. The gates are operated electronically from the office. In the interests of safety, parents and children should only use the pedestrian gates.

We also request that you do not use the entrance for turning or waiting.

A camera car is now being used in Leicestershire to enforce mandatory School Keep Clear (zigzag) markings , including the ones outside school on Badger Drive. These markings are to keep the area clear of stationary vehicles and provide a safe area for pedestrians to cross.

This means you must not wait or park, or stop to set down and pick up passengers on the school entrance markings. The markings are legally enforceable and the no stopping restriction applies Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm, these markings will now be enforced by the Camera Enforcement Vehicle when it is the area.

There are also double yellow lines outside Badgerbrook. this means no parking or waiting at any time and applies to the grass verges and pavements as well. You should also not park where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users and within 10 metres of a junction.

Our local PCSO Malik and the council’s Civil Enforcement team will visit at times to check on parking to help keep our children safe.

We know that parking in the area is very difficult and we encourage as many families as possible to walk to school. We do have permission for you to park in the bottom of the Co-op car park if you are able to walk from there.