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Latest News

Autumn Leaves

Children in Year 2 were set a homework challenge to create art using 100 leaves.  We think their work is incredible!

#creative #makinglinks

Consultation on draft RSE policy

Dear Parents and Carers

As a part of your child’s education at Badgerbrook we promote personal wellbeing and development through a comprehensive Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education programme. PSHE education is the curriculum subject that gives children the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live safe, healthy, productive lives and meet their full potential.

As you may already be aware, the Department for Education has announced changes to relationships and sex education (RSE) following nationwide consultation and all schools will be required to comply with the updated requirements.

This means that we have been reviewing our RSE curriculum and policy so we can be sure our RSE provision is appropriate for our pupils.

During this academic year, your child’s class will be taking part in lessons which will include the relationships and sex education (RSE) aspect of this programme. Lessons will be taught in age appropriate ways that reflects the children’s maturity. Healthy relationships, including friendships; families; growing and changing, including puberty; personal hygiene; changing feelings; becoming more independent; keeping safe; developing self-esteem and confidence. Pupils will also have opportunities to ask questions.

PSHE education is taught throughout the school in every year group and is monitored and reviewed regularly by the staff and governing body.

All PSHE teaching takes place in a safe learning environment and is underpinned by our school ethos and values. We would like to invite you to read our draft RSE policy to find out more about what your child will learn over the year.  It will support you in which topics you may wish to discuss at home.

Draft RSE Policy August 2020

As a school community, we are committed to working in partnership with parents; we hope that you will be highly supportive of the relationships and sex education programme. The policy will be available in its draft form for two weeks on this page.

We welcome any questions/comments/opinions via letter or email to  When replying by email please type RSE policy in the subject line.

Once we have considered all the feedback, the finalised Relationships and Sex Education Policy will be uploaded to the Policies page of the school’s website.

“Here we are”

The whole school worked on a wellbeing project at the start of term.  It was based on the book ‘Here we are’ by Oliver Jeffers.

Each year group looked at an influential person from history or modern days and we have used their work to create some fabulous displays. The display board near the office includes our ‘notes for living on planet Earth’.

#teamwork #respectourplanet #positivity


The mental health and wellbeing of our pupils is incredibly important to us. Lockdown has had, and is still having, an effect on children and young people’s mental health. We joined with schools, offices and community groups by taking part in the #HelloYellow campaign to raise awareness of mental health and to raise vital funds to support the work of Young Minds.

On Friday 9th October each class took part in activities related to mental health and wellbeing – through telling yellow jokes, completing hello yellow challenges and wearing yellow we had fun raising awareness of mental health.  By collecting donations for wearing something yellow to school we collected money for Young Minds.

Here we are in yellow:

If you haven’t yet made a donation you can do it now by logging in to ParentPay.

#empathy #resilience

Family Cookbook

Last term some of Mrs Newcombe’s class contributed recipes to the Class 5DN Family Recipe Book.  The recipe book was created in the best tradition of recipe books – by talking, sharing and collecting recipes that meant something to each family.  We thought you might like to see what they came up with.


Change of menu choices

There have been some changes to the menu choices for school meals:


Kofta is now replaced with Lamb Shepherds Pie – (Tuesday )

Courgette Potato Bake is now replaced with Tuna Pasta Bake – (Thursday)


Sweet Chilli Pasta is now replaced with Tomato Pasta – (Wednesday)

Quorn Stir fry is now replaced with Jacket Potato, Cheese and Beans – (Tuesday)


Spinach and Chickpea Curry is now replaced with Quorn Curry – (Tuesday)


Why is India incredible?

In Year 2, we have working towards answering the question ‘Why is India incredible?’ The children have discovered lots about India, including where it is located, what the weather is like, what kind of wild animals live there and especially loved exploring different types of Indian meals. We definitely think one of the reasons India is incredible is because of the delicious food!

#curiosity #enthusiasm

School Meals

The return to school meals is going more smoothly this week.  LTS Catering Services have been working hard on producing a new menu.  This new, 2 choice, menu will start on 28th September. Full details can be found by following this link

and you can see a snapshot below:

School meals cost £2.30 for pupils in Year 3 and above and are free for pupils in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2.  Sometimes other children are eligible for free school meals.  More details can be found below.

Does your child qualify for a free school meal?
Even if your child is entitled to a Universal Infant Free School Meal it is still important to confirm eligibility, this will ensure your school will be in a position to obtain further funding from central government to provide additional support to your child. This funding is also referred to as Pupil Premium. For more information on who can get Free School Meals and how to apply click here

Coronavirus guidance

Public Health England have produced a letter for all parents which explains when a person requires a coronavirus test and what the symptoms of coronavirus are. They want to help prevent children being taken out of school unnecessarily.  We have sent the letter to all parents but you can view the letter here


NHS has a webpage with information on how you can check if you or your child has coronavirus symptoms.  You can find the guidance here

Please continue to let us know if you or your child experiences symptoms of coronavirus and inform us immediately of the results of any COVID19 test – whether positive or negative.
Government advice is that you should only get a test if you have symptoms of coronavirus, not when you are asked to self-isolate.  For more guidance on what to do if you have a possible case of coronavirus in your household please follow this link:

Settling in
As we start of our second week of the new school year we want to let you know how well all of the children have settled in. They have amazed us at how well they have adapted to the differences in school and we are so proud of all of them. We had our first virtual whole school assembly on Friday, which was a new experience for us all.

Thank you for your co-operation at drop off and pick up times-observing social distancing and the one-way system at the gates. We will continue to update you as we make changes to how we operate in school.  Apologies if there have been more emails and texts than usual!  The class email accounts are now set up, so you can communicate with your child’s class teacher when needed. However, it is important to remember that depending on the matter, the teachers may not have time to respond on the same day. Please  keep us informed of any changes to your contact details – especially phone numbers and email addresses.

We appreciate your continued understanding and support – at all times the safety of pupils and staff is our main priority.

Keep Reading!

Even though we haven’t sent home reading diaries, we want everyone to read regularly. If you can read at least 3 times a week that is fantastic!

Reading is so important and helps all other areas of the curriculum.

Here is a link to the sixth ‘Badgerbrook Books’ newsletter from Mrs Price. There is a lot of information about reading activities during the Autumn Term.

BB news number 6

Badgerbrook Re-opening Plan

We have updated the re-opening plan which was emailed to parents last week with a little more information (ie regarding, bags, lunch boxes etc) to help you and your children prepare for coming back to school next Tuesday. Please follow the link below to read it.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all next week. Many of our Foundation Stage New Starters and their parents will be visiting us on Friday 28th August to get a first look at their new school.

We realise that there will be some difficulties and anomalies caused by our plans. We will be reviewing and refining them as we see how they work in practice as all the children come back in to school. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to keep all staff, children and their families as safe as possible.

Badgerbrook Re-opening Plan

Leicestershire County Council have asked us to share this information with you:

Families with children returning to school in Leicestershire this autumn can access new online information and support.

Leicestershire County Council has published new practical guidance about returning to school on themes such as attendance, hygiene and school transport, as well as information about health, wellbeing and adapting to new routines.

Deborah Taylor, Leicestershire County Council cabinet member for children and families, said: “Many of our children and young people have been out of school for some time now and the new ‘norm’ will be obviously be different from what they are used to.

“Our families have been incredibly flexible during this pandemic, taking on home schooling and making it work for them, and school staff have done an amazing job looking after vulnerable children and the children of key workers while schools were closed to the rest of pupils. We’d like to thank you all.

“However, now is the time to go back to school and, with that, we realise that people will have lots of questions about what this will look like.

“We have included some practical information about returning to school on our web pages but would like to add that schools are making their individual arrangements about when they are returning and will be contacting parents about this through their usual communication channels.

“We do appreciate that a return after such a long time can be an anxious time for families. For many, attending school on a daily basis again will be a big change in routine, possibly sleep patterns too, and may even spark some social anxiety.

“This is why we have also added information about managing worries and anxiety, keeping fit, creating structured routines and the importance of a healthy diet.

“We hope that the information we are providing will go some way towards allaying concerns.”

Practical Information about returning to school in Leicestershire is available here

Hints, tips and resources about managing worries and anxiety keeping fit, structured routines and eating healthily is available at

Families are being encouraged to consider walking, cycling or scooting to school to keep healthy and help maintain social distancing. More information on sustainable ways to travel to school is available on

The council is also confirming its arrangements around home-to-school transport, for both mainstream pupils, and students with SEND. Further details are available at:

Goodbye and Hello

We are really sorry to say goodbye to some members of staff at the end of this term.  Miss Hutchings, Miss Lincoln, Mrs Grant, Mrs Styles and Mrs Jarvis are all moving on to new adventures and we will miss them all very much.  We wish them all the best for the future.  Miss Whitmore will be starting her maternity leave in September and we send our very best wishes to the whole family.  Mr Human will be taking her class in Year 6 and Miss Stevens will also be joining the Key Stage 2 team.

We also say goodbye and good luck to all our Year 6 leavers and anyone else that will be going onto a new school in the Autumn term.  Thank you for all of your hard work while you have been at Badgerbrook.

Here is an amazing poem for you as you prepare to go to your new schools in September:

New beginnings

Year 4

Here are some pictures of pizzas we made in school today.  The children at home have also been making pizzas and will be sending their creations to Seesaw.

Year 3

Year 3 have been sharing photos with us using Seesaw:

During lockdown we took photographs of coloured objects during our daily exercise or around our homes. As part of our computing curriculum we uploaded the digital images and produced a colour collage.

We blew dandelion clocks and made a wish. We then wrote our own wish poems.

We have been learning about obtuse and acute angles. We used semaphore to practise making different angles and for spelling our name …

… and we made ‘Be Kind’ collages

A worm hunt

Bubble 5 have been exploring how worms help plants to grow. After their discussion, they went on a worm hunt in the pouring rain and made their own worm hotels. What great fun they had!

Badgerbrook Book News

Here is edition No 5 of the Badgerbrook Book News from Mrs Price

BB news number 5

Daily Learning

Hello everyone! We hope you are all well and keeping safe.

We know how busy you have been doing your learning at home. We have been so excited to see all the amazing work and activities you have been sharing with us.

Now that we have a few more children in school we want to let you know that the children who are in bubbles in school will be following the same daily learning activities that are being emailed out to those who are still at home. We are still using these resources (along with many others):


For Parents

We hope you continue to find some of these resources helpful.  Thank you for all you are already doing to support your children in these difficult times.

If you have any questions about how best to support your child with these resources, please contact your child’s class teacher (through the class email address). The class teacher knows your child as a learner and sets the daily learning, so they are the people to go to for advice. They will respond to you by email or phone call as soon as they have time out of their bubble.

We would like you to not put too much pressure on yourselves, or the children when it comes to the home schooling, as juggling that, along with working and managing a home is a lot of pressure for anyone.  Lots of us here are working in school and then home schooling our own children, so we certainly understand the pressures –  you are not alone.

You will receive a report on your child’s progress and attainment on July 3rd. This will not be the usual annual report format as the staff have not worked directly with most children for 3 months and have had no opportunities to assess, but we thought as parents you will appreciate some form of feedback.


Changes to school

We have been working hard to ensure the school is safe and ready to open for a larger group of children of key workers. We have measured and set out the classrooms so that we can ensure social distancing and worked out how many pupils we can safely accommodate within the guidelines.  The number of pupils we can welcome back in to school is dependent on our risk assessment of the school building, the protective measures we can put in place and the number of staff who are able to work in school. Our classrooms can accommodate between 8 and 12 pupils safely and so we have capacity for 12 bubbles.

As you can see from the photos – classrooms and the school environment are looking quite different now.

Thank you to everyone for your continued understanding and support – the safety of pupils and staff is our main priority.


Foundation have been building a minibeast hotel to welcome more minibeasts into our garden. We worked together to help create the hotel.

Supertato in Foundation Stage

While we have been at home we listened to a story read by Mrs Little called Supertato by Sue Hendra.

Mrs Little also had a Super carrot at home checking for the evil pea and helping out with jobs around the house.

We then created our own vegetable superheroes at home. The new Super Veggies even helped some of us do jobs too. Miss Bass had a Supertato to help her at home as well.


Letter from Ms Meyrick 7th May 2020

Please click here for the letter sent to parents today.

Tomorrow – Friday 8th May – is a bank holiday.  We hope you can enjoy your stay at home VE Day celebrations.

Internet Safety

In these difficult times children are spending more time on the internet than usual so online safety is very important.

The ThinkUKnow team at CEOP have released their 4th activity packs for children and young people.

These are short activities, approx. 15 minutes each;
4-5 year olds – click HERE
5-7 year olds – click HERE
8-10 year olds – click HERE
11-13 year olds – click HERE
14+ – click HERE

Daily Learning Activities

Class teachers are continuing to email out daily learning activities for you using many of the resources we have mentioned before. We have also put each year groups Big Picture for this half term on the website.  You can follow the links below:

FS Big Picture Summer 1a FS Big Picture Summer 1b Year 1 Big Picture Summer 1 Year 2 Big Picture Summer 1

Year 3 Big Picture Summer 1 Year 4 Big Picture Summer 1 Year 5 Big Picture Summer 1 Year 6 Big Picture Summer 1

Mrs Price has found some free spelling lessons for everyone to watch – a brilliant way to learn the spelling of tricky words from ‘they’ to ‘onomatopoeia’! Tune in at 2 for Sir Linkalot Time by clicking here.

We are discovering new resources all the time and Year 5 teachers have been sharing a Bletchley Park VE Day activity pack with their classes.  You might find something in here to help celebrate VE Day on the Bank Holiday on Friday 8th May.

The Department for Education still have a list of online resources which you can fine here

Scroll down to our post at the start of term for links to other resources to help with learning , health and mental wellbeing.

Badgerbrook Book News

Please have a look at the Book News sent out by Mrs Price.

BB news number 4

Scholastic have updated their ‘Top 100 books, chosen by teachers’

You might like to take a look for inspiration!

April Newsletter

The April Newsletter has been emailed to parents but a copy is available here:

April Newsletter

Theses attachments were also sent out with the Newsletter

Health for kids – looking after yourself Design a tea towel competition Homeity pie

Free School Meals

For those of you who have children who are eligible for free school meals (not the Universal Infant Free School Meals) we are moving to providing eCode vouchers. We are in the process of setting up the details with the Department for Education’s supplier – Edenred, although it is currently taking quite a while! If this applies to you please look out for a voucher, which will be emailed too you. The eCodes will be for £15 per eligible child per week.

If your child is not currently registered as being eligible for free school meals and you think you might be eligible for a voucher please register with Leicestershire County Council as soon as possible:

Free school meals

When your application has been approved by the Council we will be able too apply for a £15 per week eCode for you.

Oak National Academy

Here is the link to the Oak National Academy

You will have seen in the news that this a new collection of lessons and online resources to support teachers, parents and children.  It has been created by the government in response to the coronavirus lockdown. “Oak National Academy will fit alongside other resources such as BBC Bitesize to offer a structure for the day for children until schools fully re-open.”

The staff at Badgerbrook already have much in place to support learning at home and they will continue to send out daily learning activities.  From next week they may use some of the Oak National Academy materials.  If they do, they will include links – either to whole lessons or to parts of lessons that fit best with what they have already planned.

However, as parents you can access it at any time to see what resources are available and to become familiar with the way the website works.

If you have any questions about how best to support your child with these resources, please contact the class teacher (through the class email address) in the first instance.  They may not have all the answers yet – it is a new resource for us too.

Message from #teambadgerbrook

Here is a message to all our pupils and families from all the Badgerbrook Team

Message from the Badgerbrook Team

#teamwork #Badgerbrookfamily

Thank you posters

Here are some thank you posters for you to colour in and display to show your appreciation to some of the people who are helping us out right now.

Print out the posters and use your best and brightest paints or pens to colour them in.

Poster 1        Poster 2         Poster 3

#thankyou #creativity

With thanks to Sophie Holt for the designs.

The new term!

At this time, the overriding factor is the wellbeing of all in our families and in our community. We want to say a huge thank you, for working together with us to continue to support our children during this difficult time.

We are very proud of Badgerbrook pupils, who we know have been working hard on the activities staff have set, which have been devised to help them keep some structure to their days, continue good habits for learning and let them know that their teachers are thinking of them.

Now we are thinking about what would have been the start of the Summer Term  – so here are some reminders about resources available to use while most pupils are based at home. As a school we are already using:

Purple Mash



Times Tables RockStars

Oxford Owl


If you need any help with logins etc for any of these please contact your child’s class teacher using the class email address. We will continue to email learning activities after the Easter break.

The government have published a list of online educational resources which may be useful in supplementing what your child’s class teacher is already providing. Follow the link to see details of lots of free resources:

online education resources

It is important to maintain physical and mental wellbeing.

Exercise is an amazing tool to help us feel more energised, and more optimistic.  Please encourage your children to take care of their physical health and wellbeing.  Plan time outside to exercise if you can safely do so – such as a walk, run, cycle ride – provided they are doing so in a way that meets the latest social distancing guidelines.

We know that lots of pupils are already taking part in the Joe Wicks daily workout, in order to keep moving and stay healthy and positive. You do not need any equipment, just tune in to the Body Coach YouTube channel at 9am each morning for a 30-minute, fun workout.

Leicester-Shire and Rutland Sport have devised a new website to help you stay #HealthyAtHome which has many useful suggestions.

The government has also issued some guidance for parents and carers on supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak:

supporting childrens’ health & mental wellbeing

YoungMinds, the UK’s leading charity fighting for children and young people’s mental health, has some helpful suggestions. The website provides resources and information.

We hope you find some of these resources helpful.  Thank you for all you are already doing to support your children in these unprecedented times.

Response to Covid19 (updated 22 March 2020)

For those parents whose children are attending Badgerbrook tomorrow (you already know if this applies to you);

    • Arrive by the hall and wait outside a safe distance apart until you are called inside
    • There will be three tables: Foundation Stage/Year 1/Year 2,     Year 3/Year4,     Year 5/Year 6 – go to the  correct table to register your child, when called
    • Following government guidelines it’s important that you stay at home unless absolutely necessary, in order to limit the spread of infection. So therefore we will ensure the number of children in school is kept to a minimum with only those with 2 key workers being able to attend, or our numbers would be too high to remain safe to open
    • Children are NOT to wear school uniform as clothes need to be washed daily, to kill the Covid19 virus. This is following government guidance because it lives on clothing.
    • We will be posting updates and information on our website and Facebook page
    • Please look at this presentation about staying safe in school : stay safe

School Closure

Please see the letter sent out to parents on 20th March with the latest information.

Letter re school closure 20 March 2020

Online Safety

We have put some parental advice from National Online Safety about keeping your child safe online on our Internet Advice page.

You can also find a link to DITTO on this page.  This is a free e-safety magazine for schools and parents. This month the magazine is looking at:

  • Socialisation or Social Isolation?
  • IWF Update – Live streaming
  • Social Media Pressures
  • Monkey App

Art Club

The Art club have been really busy over the last 6 weeks producing some amazing art work. They are very talented and have been a pleasure to work with! Have a look at some of the examples of work they have created. Look out for another 6 week block during the Summer term if you are feeling creative. #creativity

“Where does chocolate come from?”

To help us answer our Big Question Year 5 visited Cadbury World to learn more about the Ancient Maya civilisation  and their involvement in the early history of cocoa. We also enjoyed learning how chocolate is made.

World Book Day

We had a fantastic day on World Book Day last week! We had lots of parents and grandparents coming to join us at our reading café first thing. Parents and carers then joined us to learn about reading at Badgerbrook. The kitchen team provided some delicious cakes and biscuits – thank you! Children and staff came in the pyjamas or dressed as a book character. Children entered our book in a jar competition and all enjoyed looking at the fabulous entries – parents came to look too! It was great to spend so much time reading. Thanks to all parents who came or supported their child to make the day such a success

4HH enjoying the Reading Cafe:

Toys from the past

Year One had an exciting day when Tommy Tophat visited to talk to us about toys from the past. The children had lots of fun exploring old toys and finding out what toys were like before batteries. In the afternoon we even had a go at making our own toys!

Year 4 Visit to London

Our Year 4 Big Question last term was, ‘Is London a cool place to live?’ After working hard in the classroom, studying the famous landmarks, discussing pollution and the importance of the River Thames, we visited the capital city during the last week of term. We were extremely lucky – the weather was fantastic and we were able to see all the important buildings from the top of the London Eye and along the Thames on our cruise.

It was an amazing, unforgettable day!

The Big Picture

We base our curriculum on a ‘Challenge’ curriculum where each topic begins with a ‘Big Question’.  Our teachers bring the National Curriculum alive by making links between the individual subjects and applying them to topics. Each half term teachers produce a curriculum plan that shows the links between different curriculum subjects and how they can be linked by overarching topics- we call this the ‘Big Picture’.

Here is the working wall for the Year 6 Big Question – “Why is Africa Amazing?”

Year 3 asked “What makes the Earth Angry?”

In Year 2 they wanted to know “Would a Minion like to live in Whetstone?”

Pupils in Year 1 were asked “Would you rather be a meerkat or a penguin?”

New Toys and Resources

Foundation Stage have had a delivery of new toys which were bought using the money raised at the Christmas Fayre and Year 1 bought some pens.

Parent Information page

There is a page on the website for Parent Information.  We have just put a copy of the Year 2 presentation on the Key Stage 1 SATs on this page.  It also contains some information about our ‘No Outsiders’ work.  This page is password protected and we will be sending a reminder of the password to parents shortly.

Maths report from Year 4

A group of Year 4 children went to a Maths lesson at Thomas Estley, we came in 3rd place and had 4 points out of 7 points.  We had to organise a school trip, and we had to calculate how much money to spend and how many people (children and adults) were coming.  Also we had to calculate how much money per person, the adults cost more than the children. At the end we had a sweet for participating.

5oo Words

Year 5 children were inspired by the authors Charlie Higson, Francesca Simon and Frank Cottrell Boyce to think of story ideas for stories set in the past, present or future. It is hoped they will write their stories and enter the national BBC online competition hosted by Zoe Ball. Watch this space for story snippets coming soon…fingers crossed we have a winner in our midst!

‘Badgerbrook Books’

Click here to read to the second Badgerbrook Books Newsletter

Year 5 Fire Awareness

Year 5 received vital fire safety information from Firefighter Sophie. She outlined the importance of having a working smoke detector at home. The children saw a video of how quickly fire and smoke can spread.

Her advice included: Pick a special date – your birthday – and buy your smoke alarm a new battery for your birthday! Check it works once a month – poke the button with a stick.

Keep doors closed overnight as, if a fire does start, a closed door can hold fire back for up to 15 minutes.

The children also learned about the importance of only making 999 calls for REAL emergencies- and how making hoax calls can cause deaths if fire engines are not available for REAL fires.

A World With Friends

Two ex-Badgerbrook pupils, Callum & Betty (whose sister is Edith in Year 5) are involved in a new charity song which is in the running to become a Christmas No 1.

“NHS hero Lewis Hine and a team of incredible young people who all suffer with a chronic illness or disability have taken the music world by storm and become the highest new entry on iTunes chart. With backing from Gary Barlow, Matt Terry, Frank Turner, Susanna Reid and cast from Love Island and Towie they have done the impossible. These amazing young people are raising the awareness of the loneliness  and isolation that comes with chronic illness and disability. They are not pop stars  but they can seriously sing ! They may not have a big record company behind them but fueled by their passion and determination the fight for Xmas no. 1 is on.”

They have a music video and background stories of some of those involved which can be found by searching Merry Christmas With You, A World With Friends. You can help their bid by downloading the song:

Badgerbrook Vision Statement

During this term Ms Meyrick and the governors have been consulting with pupils, staff and parents to renew the Badgerbrook Vision statement

Click here to read our new version which includes a link to our ‘character muscles’.

Year 1 Christmas Crafts

The Year 1 children have had a busy afternoon making lots of lovely Christmas decorations. A big thank you to all of our helpers for your support with this.

Foundation Stage Christmas Production

Foundation performed their version of The Bossy King to parents and grandparents. We all sang, danced, acted and spoke beautifully. Well done everyone

Whole-School Cross-Curricula Maths

In December, we did a whole-school cross-curricular maths activity! Each class chose an aspect of our curriculum to focus on to see how maths relates to it. From this, we were able to realise that maths is all around us and integral to our daily lives. Here are some of the fun activities that we got up to:

In FDL we did our subtraction outside. We read the number sentence then looked at the number line to work out the answer. One of us then jumped backwards down the number line to check to see if we were right. We have also been ordering by length. We put the strips of paper in order from longest to shortest and made it into a Christmas tree.

FLB took part in  a selection of different maths activities such as: jumping along a number line (PE and maths), ordering numbers, making a repeated pattern (art and maths) and a subtraction song “five little speckled frogs” (music and maths).

Year 1 enjoyed using the beebots to explore 3D shapes and their properties.  We used our ICT skills to give the Beebots instructions and solved maths challenges by sending the Beebots to different shapes on the mat.

In Year 3, we explored how music and maths are related!  We looked at  musical notation in bars of beats of four. We were able to recognise how to make 4 in different ways using part whole models, this included using our fractions and decimals knowledge as you can also get half beats in music! We also looked at notation and realised that this a form of algebra  (representing numbers with symbols). Musically, our lesson included composition and performance as well as notation, instrumental playing and looking at rhythm.

4HH/JS looked at the American graffiti artist, ‘Thank you x’. His murals are based on creating illusions of 3D shapes from 2D paintings. We created our own group cube display.

Our class (5DN) organised a Hot Wheels jump off to see which is the best car for travelling the furthest off a ramp.

We used measuring tapes and measured distances.
We also worked out the mean average of our group’s results.
We ordered and compared the averages from each group.
We presented the data in tables and as a bar line graph.


Pupils in 5LC combined their artistic skills and mathematical knowledge to produce their own factor mobiles.

They chose a number to find factors of and used different colours and shapes to represent these.  They linked their prior knowledge and chose a way to represent factors that were prime or square.  they used different materials to construct and create their mobiles.

In Year 6, we linked maths with PE and science. We wanted to know how exercise impacts on our pulse rate, so we created an investigation to explore it. We used measuring to record our pulse rate when resting and after a series of progressively more challenging exercises. After each exercise, we counted our pulse for 30 seconds. We then used doubling to see what our pulse rate would be after 1 minute. We recorded our results in a table. Next, we created a line graph which enabled us to compare our heart rates with that of a friend to see if any trends began to immerge. We plan to extend this activity by comparing the results of every member of the class, we would like to find the average pulse rate for each exercise by using mean, mode and median.

Foundation Stage ‘Ready, Set, Ride’

We have all had a go on balance bikes which we have borrowed for a few weeks as part of the Ready Set Ride scheme. Firstly we talked about the importance of wearing a helmet to protect our heads in case we fall and we all put a helmet on and tested that they were fitted correctly by doing the wobble test!

We then had fun playing different games on the bikes. We played ‘wibble, wobble’ and had to sit on the seat and move our feet in and out. Then we played ‘scoot, stride, glide’, we scooted by walking our feet along the ground then trying to lift them up to glide along while balancing.

We also rode around our track looking out for other children and then finished by playing ‘box the lot’ where we had to stop in a given space.

Parents can find out more about the scheme on

Christmas Fayre

We held our Christmas Fayre on Thursday 28th November.  It was a roaring success and the families and children had such a fun time.  Thank you to all the parents, families and staff who came to support us.  Thank you for all your kind donations.  We raised a grand total of £2,900.  This will be used to buy new books and curriculum resources for our children.

Route to Resilience

Badgerbrook was one of 94 schools across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to complete the Route to Resilience project.  This helped us develop the emotional well-being and resilience of children and young people.   We are still following this programme and you will already know about how we are developing our Character Muscles.

As a result of all our hard work we are now a Route to Resilience accredited school.

Big English Quiz

Four Year 4 children visited Thomas Estley to take part in the ‘Big English Quiz’. They spent part of an afternoon competing against other primary schools, and worked as a team to answer lots of questions about well-known children’s books, characters and famous authors. They narrowly missed out on a place in the final! The children had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

We are very proud of them for being such brilliant representatives of Badgerbrook.

New Banner

Following on from the success of the ‘Beat the Street’ initiative, Badgerbrook pupils were given the opportunity to enter a competition as part of the ‘Safe and Sustainable Travel’ programme organised by Leicestershire County Council.

The children had to design a banner to be displayed outside school which promoted leaving the car at home (or parking a distance from school) and walking, cycling or scooting the final part of the journey. The aim being to reduce congestion at busy times and promote active travel.

Melissa from Year 5 was the winner of the competition and her design can now be seen on the banner outside school. Well done Melissa!

Children in Need Day

The School Council organised a ‘Spotty or Sporty’ day to raise money for Children in Need.  Pupils and staff raised over £300 for the charity.

Many of the classes also  joined in with the Big Morning Move hosted by Joe Wickes and live streamed on the BBC Children in Need YouTube Channel!

Odd Socks Day

On Tuesday 12th November we supported ‘Odd Socks Day’ for Anti-bullying Week to celebrate what makes us all unique. At Badgerbrook we are proud to be a ‘No Outsiders’ school – everyone is different and everyone is welcome here. #changestartswithus

“Whether it is verbal, physical, online or in-person, bullying has a significant impact on a child’s life well in to adulthood. By making small, simple changes, we can break this cycle and create a safe environment for everyone. Because together, we can challenge bullying. Change starts with a conversation. It starts with checking in. It starts with work together.
Change starts here.
Change starts now.
Change starts with us.”

Click here for details of the Anti-Bullying Alliance


Leicestershire’s Consultation on School Admissions Policy and arrangements for entry Autumn 2021 onwards

Leicestershire County Council is consulting on proposed changes to its School Admissions Policy and arrangements to take effect from Autumn 2021. You are invited to make comment on the proposed changes to policy. The attached document contains full details (including the proposed changes to the Badgerbrook catchment area) and has links to the full consultation and the survey response form.

Leicestershire Consultation



Keeping Safe on Social Media

In an assembly we looked at #Goldilocks – A Cautionary Tale of Goldilocks trying to get lots of likes but realising her posts and shares were out there forever – and the bears found out!

The message was THINK before you press Send.



World Mental Health Day

Class 5DN took part in a BBC live lesson with hundreds of schools around the UK.  We learnt about having a growth mindset and how to use breathing techniques to de-stress.  The BBC name checked us during the programme and published the fact that we are proud of our school’s worry box.


Year 4 Roman Day

Here are some photos from our Roman Day on 9th October.  We had a great visit from ‘Lucius’ the Roman soldier who taught us all about the Roman Empire and what life was like in the Roman army.  We learnt some new Latin words, looked at Roman armour and even made the famous ‘Testudo’ formation to see what it was like going into battle as a Roman legionary!

Santander Discovery Project

A group of volunteers from Santander spent a day working on improving the front garden at school. The plants were purchased from Chamney’s Garden Centre and the volunteers worked hard planting them.  Now it should be easy for us to look after and will brighten the entrance to our school. Thank you very much Santander.

Foundation Stage thanks

Foundation stage have had a great start to the new term. We are very lucky to have had a new playhouse donated over the holidays and are using it as a reading and writing den. We have also had some sensory equipment added into our playground which was won in a competition by Mr Carr.  Thank you for both donations, they are really appreciated.

Goodbye and Hello

At the end of the Summer Term we said goodbye and good luck in the future to our Year 6 pupils and those from other year groups who were moving to new schools

We also said goodbye to some members of staff.  Teachers Mrs Button, Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Morrin,  Nursery Nurse Mrs Ward, Learning Support Assistant Mr Elliott, ICT Technician Mr Megginson,  Midday Supervisors Mrs Hayward and Mrs Croughwell, and Cleaner Mrs Cunnington have all moved on to different adventures.  We wish them all well for the future.

When we return at the end of August Ms Meyrick will be our Headteacher, Mrs Price will be Deputy Headteacher and Mrs Toon will be Assistant Headteacher. We are looking forward to welcoming two new members of staff. Mr Cooper and Mrs Styles will both be teaching in Key Stage 2.


We had lots of fun on our Foundation Stage Pirate Day. We hunted for treasure and went on a treasure hunt outside and found the treasure in the classroom. We also had a pirate party in the afternoon and played lots of pirate games.