Anti-bullying Policy

No form of bullying is tolerated, whether verbal, physical or cyber. Children are introduced to our anti-bullying policy as soon as they arrive in school and clear messages are given throughout the year during personal, social and health education lessons and assemblies. Children are encouraged to tell an adult immediately if another child hurts or upsets them in any way and incidents are dealt with in line with our behaviour policy. Posters around the school remind the children that bullying is not a single act but ‘Several Times On Purpose.’ Incidents of bullying are taken very seriously and always dealt with by senior staff.

We have clear behaviour and anti-bullying policies.


Expectations for behaviour in school are clear and discussed with the children at the beginning of each academic year.

At Badgerbrook PHSE schemes of work, such as Cambridge PSHE, Circle Time and No Outsiders are used throughout the school to teach about positive behaviours towards others. These programmes promote respect for one another’s views and feelings and give children opportunities to discuss problems and issues as they arise. We expect that everyone will:

  • Attend school regularly
  • Be punctual
  • Always try their best
  • Be kind to others
  • Look after school property
  • Keep the school clean and tidy
  • Move safely and quietly around the school
  • Speak and listen at the appropriate times
  • Tell a member of staff if there is a problem

At Badgerbrook we believe that good behaviour is promoted by:

  • positive relationships
  • a stimulating curriculum and environment
  • positive role models
  • the application of the Good to be Green – rewards and sanctions system
  • our ‘No Outsiders’ work, which ensures that everyone feels included, regardless of their individual differences.

Please see our Behaviour policy for more details

Unacceptable Behaviour
Should it be necessary, sanctions will be consistently and firmly applied and therefore good behaviour promoted.

Children leaving or entering the premises during the day

If you need to collect your child for an appointment during the day, please inform your child’s class teacher and the office in advance. All children collected or returned during the day (including the lunch hour) need to enter or exit via the main entrance.

Please give us prior notice if you are not able to collect your child yourself and have asked someone else to do it on your behalf.  We will need to obtain confirmation from you if we are not aware of the alternative arrangements you have made..


All school insurance is arranged by and through the Local Authority. Whenever the children go on an educational visit or to a sporting event accompanied by school staff they are covered by Trips insurance arranged through Leicestershire County Council.

It is possible for parents/carers to arrange further cover through the Personal Accident Insurance Scheme operated by the local authority. Details of this can be obtained from the School Office.

Please note: we do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to pupil’s possessions.


We ask that children do not wear jewellery in school for health and safety reasons.

However, children may wear watches and those with pierced ears may wear close-fitting sleepers or stud-type earrings whilst in school. It is advisable not to wear these on P.E. or swimming days as they must be removed for these lessons.  Please bear this in mind if your child is having their ears pierced – it would be helpful if this took place during the summer holidays as it is usually recommended that the earrings should not be removed for a few weeks.

Please note: we do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to pupil’s possessions.

Local traffic

At the beginning and the end of the school session, traffic conditions here are very crowded and we ask for your co-operation in ensuring the safety of all our pupils and their families. All pedestrians should use the small gateways to enter and exit the school grounds (not the car park gates). We encourage all families to walk to school wherever possible, to reduce the congestion around the school entrance.

Parking is only permissible on one side of Badger Drive – there are yellow no parking lines outside the school and School Keep Clear (zigzag) markings. Please do not park across the driveways of neighbouring houses whilst bringing your child to school or collecting them at the end of the day.

If you have a disability permit and need to access the school building please let us know as we have two designated spaces for disabled visitors near the main entrance.

A camera car is now being used in Leicestershire to enforce mandatory School Keep Clear (zigzag) markings , including the ones outside school on Badger Drive. These markings are to keep the area clear of stationary vehicles and provide a safe area for pedestrians to cross.
This means you must not wait or park, or stop to set down and pick up passengers on the school entrance markings. The markings are legally enforceable and the no stopping restriction applies Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm, these markings will now be enforced by the Camera Enforcement Vehicle when it is the area.

The double yellow lines outside Badgerbrook mean no parking or waiting at any time and applies to the grass verges and pavements as well. You should also not park where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users and within 10 metres of a junction. Our local PCSO Malik and the council’s Civil Enforcement team will visit at times to check on parking to help keep our children safe.

We know that parking in the area is very difficult and we encourage as many families as possible to walk to school. We do have permission for you to park in the bottom of the Co-op car park if you are able to walk from there.

Photographs of children taken at school events

Parents and relatives of pupils should note that any photographs or video film they take at school events are likely to contain images of other children whose parents may not have given permission for them to be filmed or photographed. Such images should not be circulated more widely than the family, i.e. they should just be for the family’s use. Our advice is that any manipulation or distribution of images of children could result in prosecution.

Security of the building

In the interests of security, access is restricted to the main entrance during the school day. The green security gates remain locked throughout the school day.  All visitors are asked to sign in and the main office and are given an identification badge.  All members of staff wear identification lanyards.

Severe weather guidance

In the event of heavy snowfall or icy conditions it may not be possible to keep all the paths round school clear.  Please see the Bad weather guidance link for details of which areas we will try to keep clear. Parents and carers are asked to listen to BBC Radio Leicester bulletins (104.9 FM), check the school website and watch out for texts from school for details of school closures or changes to opening times.


Children in Year 4 have swimming lessons at Enderby Leisure Centre as part of their P.E. curriculum. Swimming is part of the National Curriculum and all children are expected to be able to swim at least 25 metres by the time they leave the Primary School at the end of Year 6.  We use the facilities and instructors from the Leisure Centre. Life Guards are always in attendance.

Volunteers in School

At Badgerbrook we really appreciate the involvement of parents and other volunteers in school and you can be assured of a very warm welcome. Whether you can offer half an hour a week or a whole morning or afternoon, there are many ways in which you can help – listening to readers, helping with art and craft or playing short games etc.

In line with our Safer Recruitment procedures you will be asked to fill in a short application form and provide details of 2 referees. The Governing Body at Badgerbrook has decided that everyone working or volunteering with children will be asked for a satisfactory Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) enhanced check. The Office staff will be happy to process the online application with you and will give you details of the necessary identification documentation you need to bring with you.


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